Car wash in Brno

Car wash in Brno - a car wash for trucks, buses, and commercial vehicles is located at Kšírova 242, 619 00 Brno-Horní Heršpice – on the premises of Hortim International. The car wash can be accessed from Exit D1 196 B centre Brno, Horní Heršpice. The car wash can be used for all vehicles from vans to largest trucks

Vehicles which can be washed

  • Truck
  • Busses
  • Lorries
  • Utility vehicles and vans

Washing programs

  • Basic washing program offers (complete price list)
    • application of foam by a foaming device to the entire surface of the vehicle after entry
    • washing using three brushes
    • shampooing
    • side and roof pressure washing
    • jet wash
    • anti-insect agent
    • complete hand washing of the cab
  • Complete washing program offers (complete price list)
    • bottom pressure washing
    • chemical pre-wash
    • chemical hand washing of wheels and tanks
  • Special washing program - optional offers (complete price list)
    Newly from June 2008, we offer disinfection and sanitation of vehicles for transporting food.
  • Loyalty program for drivers
    Valuable gifts for loyal customers
  • Free internet access– during a washing program
    Customers can connect to the Internet.

And this all while using a technology that is completely biodegradable and which will not harm either your car or the environment.

Contact for the car wash

Cargo-Hortim, spol. s.r.o.
Kšírova 242, Brno
Tel.: +420 543 522 591
Mobil: +420 602 452 341